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Setting up a business in China Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Setting up a business in China - Essay Example This research will begin with the Chinese business culture. Chinese people perform a different form of business and culture as compared to the rest of the world especially the West. However, with the uniqueness of the Chinese history and background, China always has a special culture of business and etiquette. A simple business culture can mess a working relationship that was doing well. Conflict of culture between Chinese and another culture may cut short a working business relationship. Chinese businesses are usually based on being referred by another business associate; could be in the same business or in another business field. However, a strong recommendation from such an associate is required to win favour of clients and get good deals.Chinese business starts on a social plate and continues along the same line unless something happens that may break relationship between parties involved leading to business termination. Unlike Western culture where business is profession based, Chinese business is more of a social affair than a professional one. This is essential to help attract more clients and win hearts of many people in business. It helps maintain one’s clients in business socially rather than professionally and this increases business returns. The more one goes social in business in China, the higher the returns. Getting personal in business and sharing one’s personal life acts as an incentive to business partners. Business partners usually take this as getting close to them and this may be their interest even before they do their business with the party involved. It is therefore imperative to get personal and avoid too much of being professional as this will guarantee high returns within a short period of business. Spending time in sharing personal life in business attracts business associates from China. Personal life may include political views, hobbies, and family life among others. Protocol and priority are vital in business in Chin a. Protocol and priority comes in when dealing with people of different ranks. Recognition is of essence to show these individuals that one recognizes their rank. Address people with their correct designation, for example, Director, Doctor, Professor, and Chairman. This will make the parties see that their rank in whatever field they are in is highly recognized even in business. Giving business cards during business meetings indicates that one is serious in doing business. A business card should face the recipient. Such a card should have one side translated to make it easy for the Chinese party to understand what one is selling to them or buying from them. It is important to mention one’s company and the rank one holds before business gets underway. Business in China pays much attention to respect. Parties are supposed to display respect to each other according to rank. It may not be easy to excel in business in China without understanding that respect is tantamount to busin ess success. It is necessary to establish contact with a client one is dealing with so as to get as much referrals as possible from that client as business progresses. One should act as an interpreter to himself to make it easy to identify with Chinese as they like business where they understand what they are dealing in. It is vital to explain legal aspects of the business one is handling to be sure of the legal implications when doing any kind of

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Helping Students Write Research Papers

Helping Students Write Research PapersHave you been wondering what type of sample college research paper to write? Or perhaps you have spent some time writing it, but have not gotten a satisfying grade. Your lack of confidence may be because you are not writing the right kind of paper.In order to make a good, effective, and complete research paper, you need to know exactly what type of paper you are going to write. You need to get an idea of what the academic types of papers should be and how you want to convey the information in a manner that will help others learn. The right paper is not going to be found in any random book or textbook.The most important thing to remember is to be honest. If you are not really sure about your paper, don't even start. If you do start, you need to be honest about the subject matter, the format, and the level of difficulty. You can decide which type of paper you want and you can use examples from books and other websites to help you along the way.Make sure that the grades reflect your real scores and not those from test scores that are not correct. You want your paper to reflect your true score, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.You also need to make sure that the work that you write is clear. Your purpose in writing the paper should be clearly stated. If you have any questions, be sure to ask a professor and get his or her advice. Always make sure that you follow your plan in writing the paper.When you are done with your research paper, make sure that you check your work for grammatical errors and spelling errors. Do not just rush through your paper to meet an arbitrary deadline. You want to ensure that your paper reflects your true academic abilities.By following these tips, you can make sure that your research paper is a great success. You can easily achieve a passing grade for your research paper, if you follow these tips.

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Get the Scoop on Free Online Essay Writing Tutor Before Youre Too Late

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Heres What I Know About What Are the Easiest Research Paper Topics

Here's What I Know About What Are the Easiest Research Paper Topics Rumors, Deception and What Are the Easiest Research Paper Topics If you're interested in your topic, learning about it's going to be more pleasurable and you'll write with increased passion, so select your topic thoughtfully. English language classes usually take a lot of writing. Many students realize that they just have to talk through a couple of topic ideas until they make their final selections. If there's a topic you enjoy and you're not really finding much information out there, you might need to select a different topic. Luckily, there are lots of great places to seek out inspiration and the subsequent list contains only a few suggestions to help get you started. What's more, everything is going to be kept strictly confidential. Otherwise, you'll be old news, and nobody could ever wish to read your paper. Psychology research paper is a typical assignment and source of several sleepless nights at college. Mostly, when thinking about psychology research papers, individuals remember the psychological problems, but there's a whole lot of different areas where psychology can be helpful. If you're writing about the case in general, do your best not to revolve around the approach of the specific school. All you have to do is to observe the lecturer or a seasoned person to clarify everything for you. If you have difficulty developing a topic, then you ought to take some opportunity to visit with your professor. Think about seeing how long and research is needed for each topic and if you're limited with time, look at narrowing down to research paper topics ideas you may finish in the allotted time you've got. If you're allowed to freely choose what things to write all on your own, utilize the chance to make something unique. Some feel parents ought to be allowed to provide permission for their minor children to have tattoos, since they are making the decision for their own children. The Fundamentals of What Are the Easiest Research Paper Topics Revealed An autobiographical research paper on an intriguing event in your life may also make a very good research paper topic. Just take a while to find out more about the net for information before you decide on research paper topics and you might even realize that fun research paper topics are likely to be more interesting to write on. It's quite easy locate a lot of simple research topics online o r within a book at the library. Furthermore, you can observe various topics for your research paper on the site! Brainstorming activities might provide help. Scientific documents appear to be an extremely dull endeavor. Choosing topics for research papers can take some moment, and here are a couple of ways to help you select the one which is just perfect. Start researching, and get started writing! Things You Won't Like About What Are the Easiest Research Paper Topics and Things You Will Before ultimately deciding on your research topic, you will need to be sure there's enough great information available. Now whenever you have a list of potential topics, and you've picked your favorite one, it's time to work out the structure of it. When it has to do with choosing topics for a research paper there are plenty of options to pick from and you need something that's unique while having the ability to compose well-defined info. Like all their clients, it is possible to only expect to have top-quality writing style and content from their merchandise. Sooner or later in your life for a stude nt, you'll have to compose a research paper. You are needed to write a minumum of one research paper in a semester for many the subjects. In some instances, students simply devise the study and after that imagine the potential results which may occur. A student or a researcher can acquire a chance to write on such a topic in two cases where in either a simple topic is assigned by means of an instructor or in the event the writer has the chance of selecting a subject of research. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. Consider factors like whether or not you need to pay to access the research articles you need to use, whether it seems you will have many different distinct sources at your disposal (not merely a site and not only a book), and whether you're ready to take the sources with you as a way to conduct your research in more depth. On the opposite edge, the research essay topic should be one which your readers will discover easy to comprehend. Although you've already done some preliminary research in order to seek out your subject, you will want to keep on doing more research to totally support the content in your essay.

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Population Growth Essay Example for Free

Population Growth Essay According to the 2007 World Population record, there are around 6,606,970,166 people who live on earth (US Census Bureau, 2008). Majority of these people come from developing countries including China and India – the first and second most populated countries in the world, respectively. From among the top ten countries in the world which was comprised of up to 3. 8 billion people, around 3. 4 billion people of them was recorded to come from developing countries (US Census Bureau, 2008). Because of these figures and taking into consideration the economic, political and social status of developing countries, analysts are wondering why fertility rates continue to increase in developing countries compared to that of their counter part developed countries. The reason behind this involves various aspects of the developing countries society. Total fertility rate or birth rate basically means â€Å"the number of children an average woman have assuming that she lives her full reproductive lifetime† (Centre for Cancer Education, 2007). As stated earlier, it has been observed that the fertility rate in developing countries remains to be higher than those from the developed countries because of some familial circumstances. One of the reasons behind the fact that most parents from developing countries will have many children is that they expect that some of their children will inevitably die because of the high mortality rate and they wanted to be assured of having a child left to care for. Moreover, since many developing countries are labor-intensive and needs a large work force, having a big family will enable their business to run faster and be more efficient. Another observable reason behind the high fertility rate is attributed to the cultural traditions of many developing countries. Since most developing countries are strongly tied with their cultural heritages, their traditional practices are still observed today even in relation to childbirth and rearing. Ultra-Orthodox Jewish women, for example, was accounted to have a large fertility rate because of their cultural tradition that having twelve children symbolizes the twelve tribes of Judah and that their family will be more united (Rozenbaum Shlam, 2005). In addition to that, many parents assume that having many children will assure people to look after them in their old age and when they are sick. But more importantly, it is perceivable that fertility rate continues to increase because many families lack family planning facilities and programs to educate them (McNeill). On the other hand, developed countries are observed to have a lower fertility rate because the standard of living in these countries are higher and having a larger family would be very expensive. Also, as compared to many women in developing countries who are assumed to stay at home like the women in Israel, more women in developed countries tend to focus on their careers. Moreover, because of increasing sexual equality movements, many women are also observed to have greater control over their fertility. Furthermore, looking back at the premise that families in developing countries lack education on family planning, in developed countries, these facilities and programs are easily accesible and available to them including contraception or strategies to control birth like pills, cervical cap, etc McNeill). According to the World Bank, a â€Å"natural population increase† emerges when birth rate is observably higher than death rate (World Bank). However, with the changing envrionmental conditions, the mortality rate in developing countries is inevitably increasing. Some reasons include: poor housing conditions, unreliable water, poor access to medical services, some endemic diseases, and other health-related problems (McNeill). On the contrary, developed countries have lower death rates because they have better housing programs, accesible medical services, and nutritious food. In all these, it is perceived that when the developing countries are juxtaposed with developed countries, a big discrepancy is observed both in the figures and in its deeper sense. Moreover, it has also been noted how mortality rate is interdependent with the fertility rate to assume a natural population growth process. Furthermore, being aware of the hindrances to the proper population increase, it is therefore an imperative to create better programs and establish facilities to be able to enhance those which are already favorable to the growth system and transform those which challenges it.

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Feminism In The Crime Film Genre Essay -- Women Females Movies Film Es

Feminism In The Crime Film Genre Throughout motion picture history, women have experienced more transition in their roles, as a result of changing societal norms, than any other class. At first, both society and the movie industry preached that women should be dependent on men and remain in the home, in order to guarantee stability in the community and the family. As time passed and attitudes changed, women were beginning to be depicted as strong willed, independent minded characters, who were eager to break away from convention. The genre of the crime film represents such a change in the roles handed to women. Two films that can be contrasted, in order to support this view, are: The Public Enemy by William Wellman (1931) and Bonnie &Clyde by Arthur Penn (1967).In The Public Enemy, women are portrayed as naive and/or objects of carnal pleasure by men. In this period, women were often categorized as mothers, mistresses, sisters, or ladies. Ma Powers (played by Beryl Mercer), the lead character Tom Powers’(played by James Cagney) mother, is easily fooled by Tom’s fake stories about where he get his money and doesn’t believe that her "baby boy" could be a vile gangster. At one point during prohibition, when Tom brings home a barrel of beer, she doesn’t even question where he obtained it, but rather takes a drink for herself. Ma Powers is the prototypical mother of the 1930’s. She is blind to the ways of the world and doesn’t see the danger of things, even in regard to her own children. She is a widow who does not work, but is supported by her sons. She is even blind to the fact that her sons hate one another. Even though, her Tom was sadistic killer and gangster, she always welcomes him back lovingly with open arms. At the end of the movie, she gets a phone call saying that Tom will be coming home from the hospital, where he had been treated for a gunshot. She rushes upstairs to make his bed and get his room ready, when the doorbell rings and the rival gang drops of Tom’s gun riddled body. The other women who appear in the movie are portrayed as fast women who are sexual object to be enjoyed by Tom, until he gets tired of them and then throws them away. In one famous movie seen, Tom doesn’t appreciate what his mistress moll Kitty (played by Mae Clarke) said to him, so he wickedly squeezes half of a grapefruit into her face. She is left there belit... ...onnie & Clyde first premiered on the big screen. The female roles in The Public Enemy were stereotypical of the roles handed to women in the 1930’s and also conveyed the zeitgeist of society. During the 1960’s, as indicated by Bonnie & Clyde, there was the emergence of the women’s role as a central character of the plot, one who was just as capable and omnipotent as the male lead character. She was a character that would not be controlled by society’s norms or be held captive to male authority. It is safe to say that Bonnie & Clyde, helped redefined the role for women in crime and action films. Many recent films, such as Basic Instinct (Paul Verhoeven 1992), Natural Born Killers (Oliver Stone 1993), and The Long Kiss Goodnight (Renny Harlin 1996), have emulated the strong, seductive leading role that Bonnie & Clyde helped define. It also helped further that idea that women can hold their own in the crime film genre, both in the box office and by public opinion, and through its innovation may have support ed the production of such preceding all-women crime films such as Thelma & Louise (Ridley Scott 1991), Set It Off (F. Gary Gray 1996) and Bound (The Wachowski Brothers 1996).

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Brief Encounters

â€Å"Brief Encounters† is actually an adaptation of Noel Coward’s 1936 one-act play, â€Å"Still Life. † It came out as a film in 1945. Set in the backdrop of World War II in 1945, the story tells of how Laura Jesson, a housewife and Alec Harvey, a married doctor, get to slowly build a forbidden romance. They met at a certain cafe in a railway station and set a rendezvous at the same place on several occasions. With that, a certain friendship based on companionship which eventually grew into love was formed. They arranged to meet at occasional opportune moments hence the title, Brief Encounters.The two kept on with the relationship, stealing brief moments to see each other. Then after, when Alec needed to leave the country for a job in South Africa, they said goodbye to each other and finally put an end to their especially-colored friendship. Alec and Laura met on the same cafe at the train station. (Chadderton 1) Plot When Laura needed to go to Milford town, sh e usually goes for shopping and sees a film at the cinema. It was when she got a grit in her eye on the way home when she met Alec Harvey, a general practitioner who goes to the hospital as a consultant.Both of them are married and have two children. The two arrange another set of rendezvous and suddenly found that their friendship develops into love. This somehow affected Laura’s relationship with her husband Fred. Secretly, they meet, wary of possible chance encounters with common acquaintances, probably with a certain longing to spend more time with each other in private. There was this one time, after a certain number of meetings that they went to Alec’s friend, Valentine Dyall’ apartment.It is upon chance also that this friend of the doctor’s suddenly arrives that our heroine needed to leave the scene through the fire exit. It seemed though that all situations surrounding the lovers did not permit them to achieve the happiness that they wanted to hav e together. Destiny wanted to tell them that they have to face the reality that they are tied to responsibilities in their respective families that the two decided to stop seeing each other. The last meeting that they had was when Alec heads to Johannesburg, South Africa. Laura went to see him off at the same train station in Milford where they first met.At the opportune time that they were seeing each other for the last time, a certain friend of Laura’s named Dolly Messiter appears and gets to sit with them, uninvited. Until the end, the relationship seemed to have stood among rocks and even the last meeting has been only a brief encounter. Meanwhile, in contrast to their love affair, the leads were surrounded by other younger couples who were freer to love, were victorious in their relationship and were able to have the opportunity to experience passion. Myrtle, the station manager and Albert, the guard, started an affair that was more open and passionate.The waitress, Bery l relished the gift of young and first love with cake-seller Stanley. Beryl’s dance scenes has far dimmed out and at the same time placed a brighter spotlight to an unconsummated love affair between Laura and Alec. The story, which is all about having secret love affairs, is quite a common occurrence already during the time when the play was originally released. It might not seem to be a new concept that everyone would die to see but due to the vividness of the emotions of the characters, especially the woman, it appealed to a great number of audiences.Its being told in the woman’s point of view really makes it much of a demonstration of repressed emotions and repressed sexuality, capturing real life human passion from every commoner’s life happenings. The original play has been adapted by various theaters in the United Kingdom such as the Oxford Stage and The Liverpool Playhouse among others. The latest and most talked about adaptation is that of the Kneehigh T heatre, a London-based international theater group, directed by their artistic director, Emma Rice, getting all praises from reviews and critics.Kneehigh Theatre started out small with a teacher giving workshops in Cornwall in 1980, after which they started giving out shows for the common people of Cornwall and up until now, they remained in that place by choice. It is where they believe that they can produce the most possible fruits of creativity. â€Å"†¦we always try to start the creative process at these barns, to be inspired by our environment and where we work. † (Sheperd 2) The theatre is 28 years old now and has gathered quite a number of patron, or more so, devotee audiences.Their creative work usually rested upon the spirit of the eccentricity, sometimes also urbanely surreal and crazy. I’ve known of usual scenes in the city with upbeat and loud music used to be their signature style with added hoisting-in-the-air fantasies that ought to be their normal. For this recent adaptation of Noel Coward’s Brief encounters, there was quite a noted shift in this style – not actually a shift but a different attack. The characters stayed more on the ground and were more real and conventional. We saw characters full of emotions and humanity.This then proves the Kneehigh to be much more flexible and lived up to what they have been for the past 28 years. Upon the entrance to the Haymarket Theater, a foreboding message that this is â€Å"the 1940’s† plays as the blue curtains covers the stage. There was something about the lighting and music that reflect the 1940’s and has given the audience a feel of watching and being in a real 1940’s film. More treat comes way as actors themselves in 1940s costume usher in the audience. The idea of love in a repressed society in that specific time finds a good haven in this setting. The use of this technique has established the setting very well.It did not just show, bu t it would transport any onlooker to the time when the play was set. It was like watching the original film, although with more visual treats, and more elaborateness. It’s surprising though that the play has incorporated cinema in it. Some scenes were live on stage, some were onscreen and at most, they were a combination of both. This combination of theater and cinema provided an aura of a film that is coming to life. The black and white cinematic scenes makes the conveyance of the setting and dramatic situation more effective and made the adaptation of the play more accurate.In the cinema scene, the film used was the original Brief Encounters film with Laura and Alec sitting among the audience. An enigmatic and slightly comical effect was elicited from this manipulation. In the scene where Alec was trying to ask Laura if she feels the same for him, the sudden appearance of Fred (Laura’s husband) on the screen has given this dreamy effect to the play and comes to inten sify the much repressed emotions of Laura. The scene communicates much the idea of the characters waking up from a dream and having to face their responsibilities again.The incorporation of cinema in the show also solved what previous adaptations lacked in: sincerity and real emotions. In the cinema, character’s faces are focused and that would make the audience share the feelings of the characters. In this play, the use of proper stage acting caught what was there in the cinema. The acting of the characters was really effective and the cinematic effects helped a lot. Tristan Sturrock and Naomi Frederick shared a compatibility which made them seem inseparable as Laura and Alec. Since it was the 1930s, much modesty was observed in their relationship.Maybe the scene wherein they were undressing after plummeting down the river can be considered as one of the most erotic scenes. During that time though, it was necessary that simple handshakes and cups of coffee should be enough t o express love for each other. In the said scene scene, both were catching up with their modesty but failed as they ended up kissing. The recurring water waving into the screen intensified the idea of passion in the love affair and probably another attempt at depicting repression. Even so, an emotional connection between the two characters was very much established despite the limitation of romantic contac.The play has actually lived up to the original playwright. Not a lot of characters are needed to craft the play into something that is large, grandiose and festive. The presence of other couples has set love into three categories: a freer love affair for two people among the working class, young love that transcends all classes and a forbidden, unconsummated love. The impact of the fact that most of the audience already knew how it would end all the more made the movie heart-wrenching than ever. Those brief encounters between Alec and Laura made them seem as if they were stealing their chances on temporary happiness.Most wonderful is the use of the props vis-a-vis the use of the film clips and the maximization of the stage space. In Alec’s first departure from Laura, Alec hopped into a small toy train which made an ironic spectacle. Contrast it to how they made the ending: across the front of the stage, they pulled a vast amount of screen material in which a storey-high clip of the train where our Alec rode off shot across the entire stage with Laura attempting to jump with a highly dramatic death. The contrast was quite an impact. A trampoline was utilized for Stanley’s entrance to the cafe, Beryl used a red scooter and rode around it.She threw it away in an angered fit of tantrums. On the other hand, Laura’s children were played by two puppets. Some scenes used the screen as background. The use of the small objects gives a sort of a treat to the heaviness of the feelings of the audience. The use of the big train in contrast to the smal l props will make you cringe with the climax of the story. It magnified the dramatic sad ending of the story. Never could be an adaptation be more effective. It cannot be anymore clever and brilliant. It is a celebration of cinematography, theater and the totality of the elements of the performance.The incorporation of the film clips made it more effective in the sense. If one will refer to reviews of other adaptations of this play, it would seem that the Kneehigh Theatre’s production is the best of after the film. Liverpool Playhouse’s version back to back with another of Coward’s works received the ire of the Catalyst Reviews thus saying: â€Å"The plays could easily have been turned into radio plays – visually seeing them was largely unnecessary – the sound effects, notably of steam trains passing through the station could easily have been transferred to the radio.† (Serjent 12) Another rework shown at Burton Taylor which was directed by Christchurch student Georgie Paget got equally the same criticism although at notch milder. Alison Ireland of BBC made a rundown of the setting and the characters: A table in a station refreshment room is not so prominent on stage and the staff, who provide a comic, lower-class backdrop for the lofty tragic romance, are equals and fundamentally superiors in ‘Still Life' – their robust humour, sensible decision-making, clear view of priorities and no-nonsense view of the world shows the upper class ‘love' affair for the anaemic misery it really is.(2) As for Kneehigh Theatre’s reviews, nothing could be seen but all praises. In Rice's hands Brief Encounter is a clever, gimmicky production that has its fair share of [humor]. Yet there's passion, tenderness and sensitivity in abundance; if you start to think about Johnson and Howard, it probably doesn't last long because the two main characters are exceptional individually and as a couple. (Orme 4) Kneehigh the atre is sure known for its inventiveness and ingenuity. Any piece of playwright given to them is like being put in the hands of a very powerful magician.Even the â€Å"Royal Shakespeare Company entrusted them with Shakespeare's late â€Å"problem† play Cymbeline which Kneehigh took to Stratford as part of the Complete Works Festival. † (Orme2) Coward’s work fell into good hands with Kneehigh Theatre. It became a masterpiece that we only briefly encounter. References Chadderton, David. (2009) Reviews –Brief Encounter. The British Theatre Guide. Retrieved April 17, 2009 from http://www. britishtheatreguide. info/reviews/briefenkneehighDC-rev. htm. Orme, Steve.(2007) Reviews – Brief Encounter. The British Theatre Guide. Retrieved April 17, 2009 from http://www. britishtheatreguide. info/reviews/briefenckneehigh-rev. htm. Serjent, Colin. (n. d. ) Noel Coward's ‘The Astonished Heart’ and ‘Still Life. ’ The Catalyst Reviews. Ret rieved April 17, 2009 from http://www. catalystmedia. org. uk/issues/misc/reviews/Noel_coward. htm Shepherd, Mike. (2008). Introduction to the Kneehigh Theatre. Retrieved April 17, 2009 from http://www. kneehigh. co. uk/about-us/an-introduction. php.