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MECHANISMS FOR EVALUATING FINANCIAL HEALTH OF HEALTH CARE ORGANIZATIONS CS - Essay ExampleThe total receipts for Pearland Medical Center bring down by $250,000,000 in the course of instruction 2013, compared to the tax the firm had generated in the year 2012. At the aforementioned(prenominal) time, the operating expenses reduced by $200,000,000, which means that the earnings income of Pearland Medical Center reduced by $50,000,000 between the two years. The net revenue for 2012 and 2013 was $915,000,000 and $865,000,000 respectively. On the other hand, the total profit for the same period was $965,000,000 and $915,000,000 for 2012 and 2013 respectively.The cash flow of the Medical Center was equal to the total profit of the company since the inflow of the business was only through revenue and the cash outflow was through marketing, operating, research and education expenses. However, sinceBut wear and tear is a non-cash flow item in this scenario, it should be used to establi sh the total profit and the net cash flow of Pearland Medical Center (Fridson & Alvarez, 2011).The profit margin measures how much every long horse revenue a firm keeps in its earnings (Albrecht & Albrecht, 2008). The total profit margin of the firm stood at 69% and 61% in 2013 and 2012 respectively. This means that the firm realized a net percentage of $0.69 and $0.61 for every dollar of sales. This showed that Pearland Medical Centers ability to control its expenses, improved in 2013 as compared to 2012, and it is attributed to a drop-off in operating expenses by $200,000,000. On the other hand, the total profit margin, excluding grants and investments, stood at 59% and 48% in 2013 and 2012 respectively. This implied that the firms earnings from every dollar it had invested reduced to 0.59 and 0.48 per dollar as a result of the exclusion of grants and investment in its revenue.Based on the income statement report, the firms financial health is non badly off because Pearland med ical center made some positive returns from its investments. But if they are

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Nursing reading research 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Nursing reading research 3 - Essay ExampleFrom the bind it is difficult to ascertain the consent rate because the survey was conducted in an 11-bed ICU ward and only septenary family members have been involved in the study. There is no indication as to whether all the 11 beds were booked or not, and if it were fully occupied why there remaining four were not included. In appurtenance it is stated that recruitment of participants continued until saturation of the initial data occurred leaving some gap in target sample size. (Bond, et al, 2003).The mortality rate was above 57% (4 out of 7 participants relatives died).This data has much relevance with the research outcome, because the data reinforced the seriousness of severe traumatic pass injury and the extreme need to support families of such patients during the patients ICU stay.The data size was heptad family members, with dissimilar relationship, of patients with severe traumatic brain injury. Their ages ranged from 41 to 61 years. Since this is a qualitative study the lesser sample (7 participants) size mountain provide insights about a particular group or patients and can illustrate qualitative findings.The study was conducted at an eleven-bed neurological ICU in a level I trauma centre. Initial data collection was held in the privacy of a nearby waiting room, and concomitant interviews were conducted either at the hospital or by teleph angiotensin-converting enzyme, at the participants convenience.This study was quasi-experimental one aimed to formulate hypothesis for further research and except using inclusion criteria there were no separate variables that have to be controlled, and content analysis was used to identify common themes.Though interview method was the primary instrument of data collection, its variations like personal interview, additional daily interview, telephonic data collection, take away follow-up,

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Final Exam Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 2

Final Exam - Assignment ExampleGovernment regulatory cases argon concerned with laws and humanity policies while government entitlement/benefits administration cases are concerned with facts such as citizens welfare. In the United States, the policies and procedures in government regulatory cases and government entitlement/benefits administration case should be revised. The importance of regulatory policy overly needs to be reassessed.Van Puymbroeck defines liberty as a state or condition of being free from the control, dependence, subjection, or subordination of an outside agency or authority (2000, p. 268). In the judiciary, such independence is given to ensure that justice is administered without fear or favor, as well as impartially and freely. hardship to administer justice according to established procedures and in accordance with the law leads to judges being held accountable. discriminatory accountability on the other hand places constraints on judges by holding them res ponsible for their behavior. This is make on legal and political grounds. Here it is judged whether judges have fulfilled their responsibilities and according to set standards. If the responsibilities are not met, sanctions are imposed. In the American government, judicial accountability helps prevent usurpations of power, corruption and other abuses because protecting the interests of the public.In the rule of law, judicial independence is a feature in its own right. The deuce features of judicial independence are separation of powers and independence of judges. In the separation of powers, the concern is the independence of the courts as an organization. According to Alder, judicial independence requires the independence of individual judges from pressures that threaten not only existing impartiality but also the appearance of impartiality (2013, p. 132).Although

Why do people choose to support their local football team Essay

wherefore do people choose to support their local anaesthetic football team - Essay Example mountain pay tons of money for tickets to these football games and proudly march in wearing their jerseys and plenty of plaque paint ready to scream and yell for their team. These fans argon relentless in their support and continue to lead year after year win or lose. football game is a rare sport in that it spans across the solely world and is celebrated heavily by umpteen, it has been around for centuries and from the turnout that football whitewash has, football will be around for many more years to come.In the United States sports are seemingly spread everywhere. They pitch their own sections in the newspaper and you cannot walk into a bookstore without magazines with sports plastered on the front of them. Sports Illustrated is recognized around the globe and its website is a good way for people to sum up scores and times for matches. Soccer isnt the countries leading sport per se but it is certainly recognized and vie by millions of people. Sites like http//www.ussoccerplayers.com are available to avid fans of the U.S soccer team and to also keep captivate on where the players will be traveling to. Being that the United States is arguably a melting freshet society, soccer from Mexico is being shown on television quite frequently. The United States is just one country who participates and supports soccer but it is certainly not the custom that is it in other countries. In Mexico soccer is very practically a part of their culture and because of their climate it can be played year round. In an word in the San Francisco Cronicle reporting on an area densely populated by people of Mexican decay they describe restaurants and gas stations filled with people trying to watch their respective teams. Mexican soccer, mayhap the Toluca Diablos Rojos versus the Pachuca Tuzos, plays nonstop on the overhead TVs. Young men stand in line at the deoxyephedrine booth in the corner, waiting to cash checks, buy smokes or send money home. Outside, a take vendor with a leathery face serves up Ziploc bags of pineapple and mango, sprinkled with lime, salt and chile (Ness). In other article it is said that you cannot go anywhere in Puerto Vallarta without seeing children kicking around soccer balls and stores and restaurants with their televisions tuned to their local team. Mexico is one country who surrounds itself with soccer and has many teams that represent areas of Mexico. Although there is one major team for the country, there are many smaller teams that the country supports. In Spain football is widely recognized and Madrid merely has 3 football teams. These teams are legitimate Madrid, Atletico de Madrid and Rayo Vallecano. Real Madrid was recognized by FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) as the best team of the Twentieth century (gomadrid.com). Tickets to these games are notoriously hard to obtain and have strict rule s for ordering. First tickets are given to season ticket holders, then to club members, then a special fan card is given to some and they are able to order tickets. After this whole process, then the general public is allowed to purchase tickets and they are known to be gone within hours. Real Madrid plays in the Bernabu stadium which is dedicated to Santiago Bernabu who developed and planned the structure. The stadium has also hosted many

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Globalization and Technological Revolution Term Paper

Globalization and Technological Revolution - Term Paper shellOrganizations in the international arena typically follow low cost, low-risk entry strategies. Apart from low-risk organizations always go steady the political, legal and economic factors of national environments. Accordingly, the competition for FDI would be based increasingly on cost differences in the midst of locations, the quality of infrastructure and business-related services, the ease of doing business, and the availability of skills. Organizations are attracted to FDI when they offered a competitive advantage over locals, a lower cost for labor and/or physical resources, secure access to physical resources, proximity to major(ip) markets and increased market share, Countries attract FDI if they provide certain facilities to organizations. In this regard, UNCTAD (2002) developed a 12 head teacher criteria, named the inward FDI potential index capture several factors apart from market size (Appendix -1). straigh t we bequeath analyze the character study- Ireland 2004. Starting with the concept of GDP as it reflects the income of the people within the country it similarly shows the capacity especially purchasing power of the people it also reflects the demand for the commodities and services. As provided in the case study, the GDP per head (US$ market exchange rate) Ireland in 2003 is $ 37,911 and GDP per head (US$ Purchasing power parity) is 32, 916. all the same the real GDP gain rate during 1999-2003 stood around 7.1%. Irish GDP grew at 9.9% per annum during the period 1996-2000. still the GDP growth has slowed down during 2003 due to weak global demand and several other factors. Now if we analyze Irish real GDP growth with most of the countries in Europe, US or japan we find that GDP growth rate is much higher in Ireland in comparison to UK, France, Germany, US or Japan. So it shows that Ireland economy is expanding and the income level of people are going up which may prove in an increase in demand. So companies have enough opportunities to invest in Ireland. The rate of growth of GPD over the last 5 years when the reforms actually started is around 7-8% which could be seen as a incomparable growth rate if we compare it with other countries in the vicinity.

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Discussion question Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Discussion question - Research Paper ExampleAs such, civilize rotation still proves to be an effective tradition of regulating destructive pests to enhance crop production. By an inclusive task of allowing legume growth and green manure, crop rotation potentially facilitates soil transformation through addition of the necessary nutrients (Redelf). Similarly, zero tillage is able to provide agricultural sustenance to a rather limited extent due to complexity in managing weed control. This practice however, results to lower risks of hostile environmental impact and a significantly economical alternative of reducing costs with fuel, labor, and equipment (Redelf). In the succeeding(a) fifty years, with the fast-changing trends in technology and most industries in general, adjustments with agricultural measures would inevitably follow and necessitate transformation course. Certain agriculture experts have conjectured that if artificial standardization proceeds via pursuing biotechnol ogical objectives with advanced breeding approach, round of food crops according to category would diminish, eventually leading to a worldwide famine (Redelf). It is therefore a must to keep a well-balanced biodiversity in the farm produce that are amply obliging for human consumption by innovating new ways that satisfy instead the reverse order of afoot(predicate) aim in advancement (Redelf).

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Apples Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Apples Business scheme - Essay ExampleIt continually invests in research and development, marketing and advertising. However, its main strategic advantage is the integrating of its various ironware and software products, allowing customers to discover and download applications and books through either Mac or Windows-based computers or iOS mobile devices, allowing for ease of access and thus more frequent sales. Apple offers strong support for third-party hardware and software products and digital content that complement its offerings, thereby broadening its customer base and enhancing brand commitment (Annual Report 2012).Table 1 is the Apple competitor and industry profile provided by Yahoo pay for investors in the stock market. Apple dominates the PC Industry in market capitalization, revenues, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortizations, operating(a) margin, net income, and earnings per share. It has an advantage over Google in its price to earnings ratio , being only half as expensive for every dollar of earnings (11.33 times for Apple compared to 22.08 times for Google). Apples stock price has some upward leeway, because its earnings per share growth rate are high compared to its price, yielding a low price to earnings growth ratio (PEG). An investor would, therefore, be interested in Apple for its stock value appreciation.

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Course Project Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Course Project - Research report ExampleOrganizations main aim is to obtain their objective goals. They usually meet challenges and they must beat them to achieve these goals as a team. Challenges create distinct conflicts among members of the organisation both within and the general environment in which the firm is based. Most people believe that conflict will lead to unfavourable results but this is not true. Conflict has both good and bad impacts. There are different strategies and styles that have been created to solve the conundrum of conflict in the organisation.Misunderstanding in an organisation usually comes about due to differences in viewpoints, competition, different subjects and this usually has different effects. This is something common that occurs in organisation now days. Some of the effects that conflict canister bring include change in the organisation. This is achieved by modification of policies to manage and resolve conflict. It also leads to untried inn ovations, improve goal congruence, results to sub optimization and lastly it wastes a lot of time. How an individual responds and manages conflict usually determines the success of the organisation.According to Bar-Siman-Tov and Yaacov conflict arises due to differences in ideas. It has a great impact on employee turnover, team spirit and litigation (57-9). This usually affects the success and development of organization. The main objective of conflict management and resolution is to assist learning team results. Suggestions by Tidwell and Alan say that efficiency and effectiveness in the companys background (24-6). This will usually lead to good outcomes. There are five ways which have been suggested to cancel conflict if it arises (Dana 61). Collaboration is one way of solving conflict. Here it emphasizes that every affected part idea is regarded. The basic idea here is that considering every individual opinion will

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Qasr Al Hosn Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Qasr Al Hosn - Essay ExampleIn attempt to preserve it, the building has undergone a compute of structural changes, although it remains to show the original and indigenous architecture of the Emiratis, depicting how the past can do it through the present. Despite its long-standing history and rich past, research has been limited on the preservation trance of Qasr Al Hosn. Generally, Qars Al Hosn has not been accorded the level of research that it deserves, resulting in limited attention for the iconic building. It is however release that historic buildings are vulnerable, and Qasr Al Hosn as well deserves extra care and preservation if it is to last lifelong than it has. Consequently, this culture explores and suggests a blueprint for the preservation Qasr Al Hosn as cultural monument in UAE. The study probes and discusses how the future identity of Qasr Al Hosn should be preserved, and how it will feed into the next generations (Hellyer and Ziolkowski 4).The Abu Dhabis story beg ins from the Qasr Al Hosn, a name that signifies its twin role Hosn meaning fort, and Qasra meaning rook. It is imperative to note Abu Dhabi was a parting that was ruled by a tribe known as Bani Yas, who inhabited the oasis of Liwa. The Bani Yas tribe visited the island Abu Dhabi for the purposes of hoard salt and fishing. The tribe did not inhabit the island because it lacked water. However, a wide area of drinking water was notice in the island in 1760. Sheikh Dhiyab Al Nahyan later built a watchtower in the area to continue the precious resource, when he discovered the significance of fresh water. This prompted influx of small settlement into the region. Later, the tower was expand as the settlement in the region increased. It is significant to note the Sheikh Dhiyab Al Nahyan fortified the castle in the 18th century to protect from any form of invasion. This

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Financial Statements and the Monetary Situation of Morrisons Essay

Financial Statements and the Monetary item of Morrisons - Essay ExampleThe report is aimed towards guiding interested sh beholders to rationally invest in Morrisons Supermarkets. Morrisons is one of the largest custody of supermarkets located in the U.K. The firm has their headquarters located in Bradford, England. Morrisons is counted amongst the big four supermarkets in the U.K, aft(prenominal) Tesco, Sainsbury, and Asda. Currently, the company holds approximately 11% market share in the supermarket sector of the U.K. The company had initially begun as retailers of butter and egg in the year 1899. However, the firm has remained successful in expanding itself and presently it has 515 superstores and 113 local stores deal out across the U.K, England, Wales, and Scotland. The U.K supermarkets are highly competitive and also possess the ability to earn a very(prenominal) high level of revenues. Consumers, in general, are seen to gain benefits from such high competition as they are able to procure goods and services at reduced prices. The purpose of the paper is to understand how analysis of pecuniary statements facilitates better investments decision making. Income statements are prepared to estimate the level of profitability existing in a firm. They also indicate the efficiency with which an organization performs and earns revenue. Investments decisions are crucial as they may either start a shareholder to earn adequate profits or lose earnings on the roof invested. Shareholders face the risk of losing their savings if financial statement interpretations are not carried out effectively. The income statement is basically a summary of the incomes and expenses of a firm presented in a summarised form for a particular period. By analyzing the incomes, expenses and the profits of a number of years, investors can understand how effectively a firm manages their internal operating(a) expenses so as to earn sufficient profits.

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Corporate finance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Corporate finance - Essay ExampleTherefore, the disparagement for the last is uniform and friction match to $ 9,143.In the second scenario, a brand refreshed consider remains at a be of $600,000 is installed. The revenue enhancement enhancement remains the same, but the operational costs are reduced to $1,020,000. The calculation of revenue, operational costs, tax income depreciation, and pre-tax profit, companys tax, after tax income, cash flow, present jimmy and net present value are calculated as in the first scenario.In the two scenarios, overhauling mark 1 would throw it out of service for 6 months and it would resume commercial operation after an year. In the calculation through with(p), the revenue is obtained starting second year and the operational costs are calculated from second year. The tax depreciation however, starts from the first year and the after tax income for the first year is seen to be negative meaning a loss is incurred in the first year since invest ment have been made yet no revenue is earned.The amount obtained after selling Mark 1 is assumed to be part of the cash apply to purchase the new plane and is therefore, deducted from the initial cost. The total in operation(p) cost is the sum of annual in operation(p) costs incremented by 2.5% inflation rate every year for 20 years. There is no operating cost in the first year as the plane is delivered in the second year.From the analysis done above and the calculation of Net preface Value of the two scenarios involving overhauling of Mark 1 plane and buy a new plane, the following recommendations are hereby presented. The investment that gives a higher Net Present Value is the best provided they have the same lives (Hill 26). Overhauling Mark 1 without purchasing new control system gave an NPV of $ 150,050 while if a new control system is purchased, the NPV is $365,942.10. From the two results, inclusion of a new control system gave a higher NPV and hence considering the two options, the best investment is to purchase a new control system for the plane.When annual

Is Monogamy a More Sustainable Relationship Style than Polyamory Research Paper

Is Monogamy a More sustainable Relationship Style than Polyamory - Research Paper ExampleHowever, the circumstances are rapidly changing and the origination of marriage has been brought into great disrepute by the rising number of divorces worldwide. This has raised the question of whether monogamy is put away relevant in the modern times or people should instead embrace the various forms of non-monogamous birth styles such as polyamory (Barker, 2005). On this backdrop, this paper seeks to determine whether monogamy is a more sustainable kinship style than polyamory. The paper proposes and roots for polyamory and more specifically egalitarian polyamory as the near sustainable consanguinity style in the prevailing circumstances.Monogamy is the relationship style where a person has one spouse. For so long, monogamy has been upheld by the Western culture as the ideal and the right relationship style (Gourdreau, 2012). Strassberg (2003) asserts that the most real benefit of monoga my is fidelity. The partners in the relationship uphold sexual faithfulness. Sexual fidelity implies that uncomplete spouse could get into a sexual interaction that potentially makes the other partner feel disquieting (Goudreau, 2012). The emphasis is thus on sexual, emotional and spiritual exclusivity with the spouse.Monogamy has, however, come under close scrutiny in the recent past due to the increase cases of divorce. It is estimated that around 53% of marriages in the US force out up in divorce before the fifth year of marriage (Mitchell, Bartholomew and Cobb, 2014). According to Ashbee (2007), a significant percentage of these divorces are grounded on sexual infidelity. Furthermore, incidences of cheating scandals among celebrities, political and power elites have also increased remarkably. Monogamy has, thus, showed that it is less sustainable in contemporary times where people are demanding to get their call for satisfied be it by a single or multiple partners. Given the evident

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Dissertation again Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 7000 words

Dissertation again - sample ExampleThis study includes a content analysis based on the literature reviewed, and concludes that the global media in general and the American media in particular portrayed the Muslim world and Islam negatively displaying a heightened fear, hatred, and detestation toward the said community.The terrorist attacks on the twin towers on September 11, 2001 changed, perhaps forever, the manner in which the world in general, and the Western world in particular perceived Islam and Muslims. As the media carried news about the terror attacks and the manpower behind it, the majority of whom were identified as Arabs from the Middle East, the perception of Muslims changed drastically. The sheer scale of the attack and tip of damage caused due to the attacks that deliberately targeted one of Americas greatest symbols of capitalism, power and world supremacy brought a comparatively obscure facet of Islam to the forefront and in international spotlight. It now began to be perceived as highly violent, intolerant, and hostile to the western world. The cover story on News Week tit take Muslim Rage, is a case in point.Islam has been depicted as a united group of people who share no similarities with the western world, and are intimidating, aggressive, intolerant and hostile to it. This image of Islam is drastically different to that of the educated, liberal, and secular West. The difference was apparent(a) after the 9/11 attacks and the conflict inevitable. The events of September 11, only further highlighted it and resulted in differentiating the two and led to the battle of them versus us (Gunduz, 2007). The American Media increasingly began portraying Islam as intimidating and something to be feared, giving ascending to Islamophobia.According to Seib (2004) news coverage of events especially those with political underpinnings thrives on events and

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Love for Scrambled Tofu Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Love for Scrambled Tofu - Essay Example found on the fact that being from an African American origin, the reporter feels more analogous bean curd. This paper outlines how tofu can be related to real life practices and lifestyle.Tofu is the result of the interaction of distinct cultures in different generations. Having originated from parts of Asia, it has spread to other parts of the world where it is preferred by vegetarians. The spread of tofu is believed to have coincided with the spread of Buddhism since the diet was an excellent source of proteins required in the vegetarian diet of those that followed Buddha. Just like tofu, am dedicated to accomplishing my work. Am loyal to all those around me and have the undying compassion for everyone in my circle. Like tofu is the source of many minerals in our lives, am enthusiastic in learning new things so that I may get the required knowledge to reach my career. Like tofu has indispensable minerals, he believes in straight-forward lifestyle in order to succeed in life. Tofus low-calorie take is what gives it the large amounts of proteins. Also, it has high iron content due to coagulants enforced during its manufacturing accompanied by high atomic number 20 contents. This ensures that tofu is one complete meal for people of all ages. Similarly, my origins have instilled life virtues in him. Am an honest person and have come to learn that being honest costs nothing yet can cost one heavily. Also, am a person full of integrity and hate to swain with people who are not straight-forward and live a short-cut free life. Notably, tofu is made from different coagulants that originated from different places and were brought together to form tofu in Asia and my different origins brought me to where he currently lives and instilled the virtues in me.The essay shows that tofu is an origin of different ethnicities coming together to create one cuisine. Mongolians contributed to making of tofu by use of cheese.

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IT and E-Commerce Outsourcing Approach in Walmart Coursework

IT and E-Commerce Outsourcing Approach in Walmart - Coursework ExampleFrom this stem it is clear thatoutsourcing is the technique of delegating organizations business operations to external agencies that helps organizations in leveraging advantages such as low cost labour, enhanced product quality and service innovation. IT outsourcing helps organizations to leverage international knowledge base that increases their accessibility to world class capabilities. Organizations outsource IT for reducing certain business risks. Staying updated with the recent technology and for development innovative strategies is an expensive as well as time consuming process. As a lord outsourced IT provider works with several customers and require keeping up on best practices of industry, they have enough knowledge of what is appropriate and what not. Such knowledge and experience of outsourced IT professionals dramatically decreases organizations risks of implementing expensive wrong management dec isions.As the storey highlightsIT outsourcing decision making trends to be a complex process that ideally deals with issues within a patient of area namely financial feasibility and technological for instance, performance metrics. Huge outsourcings decisions are taken by are taken by the management of the organizations that includes several stakeholders with multiple interests.Deficiency of organizational resources and business expertise results to ineffective management decision making those results to disappointed organizational performance.

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Book Report on Earth in the Balance by Al Gore Essay

Book Report on earthly concern in the counterpoise by Al Gore - Essay ExampleEveryday there is a threat posed to our climate, water, soil, and diversity of plant and animal life.A passionate, lifelong defender of the environment, Gore describes in brave and unforgettable terms how human actions and decisions can endanger or safeguard the vulnerable ecosystem that sustains us. Al Gores passion for the environment started when he was a boy growing up on a farm. His parents taught him the wideness of soil erosion, having to stop river gullies before they got started. His mother read Rachel Carlsons book, Silent Spring in 1962 and he remembers how she told every cardinal the dangers of pesticide shout like DDT are doing to the environment. She had emphasized to him and his sister that the book was different from others, and it was important. As a scholarly person in college his professor Roger Revelle had introduced the idea of carbon dioxides threat on the global environment. Revel le started sampling the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 1958 only to watch it rise from 315-360 parts per million.The cover of Earth in the Balance is strikingly meaningful in black and red with the globe displayed at the background right. The book chiefly touches topics on the globalecologicalsystem, dysfunctionalcivilization, climateequilibrium, and GlobalMarshallPlan. In writing this book, Al Gore said, The time has long since come to take more than political risks - and endure more political criticism - by proposing tougher, more effective solutions and fighting straining for their enactments. The book is arranged into three sections the first describes the plagues the second looks at how we got ourselves into this mess and the final chapters presents solutions. By direction of introduction, the book duologue about the importance of the 1992 Earth Summit. This was a world-wide meeting to discuss and implement a new generation of global treaties aimed at promoting sustai nable economic progress and healing the relationship surrounded by civilization and the fragile ecological system of the Earth. At the summit the Bush administration declined to sign the accord to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, hence disappointing many other countries. The book so angiotensin-converting enzymest ships in the desert, talks about Al Gores many travels and horrifying discoveries that are murdering our environment. First, Al Gore went to the Aral Sea which at one time was the 4th largest and now to an irrigation scheme to grow cotton in the desert it has greatly diminished. because he spoke of the white sea in 1990 where millions of starfish where killed because the military dumped radioactive waste. All crossways the world, mysterious mass deaths have been happening in our oceans some scientists say it is because of accumulated environmental stress.The Trans-Antarctic Mountains was Al Gores next stop to see for himself the studies of the effects of glaciers. He d iscovered from ice core samples that a teeny reduction in one countrys emissions from the Clean Air Act had changed the amount of pollution found in the remote and least accessible place on Earth. He recounted that in 1989 the Amazon rain plant was being burned to provide pastures for fast food beef. The amount burnt added up to the state of Tennessee, cleanup spot thousands of species. According to Al Gore, a record of living species of plants and animals are now vanishing around the world one thousand

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Cases of Greece and Sweden Working Conditions Essay Example for Free

Cases of Greece and Sweden working(a) Conditions EssayCases of Greece and Sweden on the job(p) ConditionsIntroduction The essay has three major de divorces. The first part analyses Greece working conditions and how presidency officials respond to the issue. This is accompanied by a clean assessment of the issue presented in this section. The second part discusses Sweden working conditions, a country which is said to lose hotshot of the best working conditions around the world. This part analyses the policies passed by the Swedish government and apiece good issues arising from such policies. The third part is a own(prenominal) assessment of the two issues presented parts one and two. This section employs impartialitys of ethics framework to come up with ethical implications of the issues presented. recreateing Condition in Greece Greece working standards argon relatively degrade comp ard to those of other European countries. contrastive studies that support thi s argument occupy been conducted. From the data provided by the Social Insurance Foundation and wear Inspectors in Greece, 35.8 per centum of the participants in a survey conducted in 2011specified that in that location were no wellness and safety render in the firm they worked. 48.7% stated that, to their knowledge, there was no physician assigned to them. In the construction welkin, 53.5% had a health and safety provision document maculation 58.9% in the manufacturing sphere of influence had the same. 66.1% of the respondents in the public sector said they lacked such a document (Alexopoulos 2012, p.115). In its efforts to raise dig out standards in Greece, the Greece government initiated several(prenominal) reforms. The reforms aimed at improving working conditions in the country and protecting piles welfare. Greece is of the countries which experienced the offense of European crisis. The aftermath of the crisis required tremendous changes in the labor markets. Howe ver, these reforms led to limited protection of workers in the labor market. This aspect f exclusively apartd business ethics and essential social salutarys. Law turn 3863/2010 introduced heavy changes in the labor market. Some of the unfavorable reforms were shortening the period given as a receipt to the termination of white-collar workers, reducing white-collar workers reduced by a half, keeping operational cost must amidst 5% and 10%, which led to layoffs. However, the minimum w historic period peaks for workers under the sequence of 25 years reduced to 84% of the set minimum wage. For underage workers, the minimum wage rate set at 70% of the set minimum wage. Apart from the labor market reforms, the government instituted in 2010, service cuts in pension and other important reforms in the social security regulations. The regulations include cryptograph increase in the current pension over the next 3 years. For the uninsured persons over the age of 65, their basic pens ion criteria underwent reforms. The amount of the pension is set at 360. The national budget will finance the pension from the year 2018. Salary cut for employees between 25 years was set between 22% and 32%. The employer can impose this cut without the accede of the employee (Matsaganis 2012, p.450).Analysis of Ethical Implications of Greece Work Policies Greece policy makers reckon to employ utilitarian principle, which states that one determines what is right by contrasting the outcome of all related agents of pick policy for a particular condition (Bentham 2000, p.70). This principle does not take a crap into account all the citizenry in the society. Undesirable policy can be passed which does not benefit the society at large. Greece labor laws and polices does not seem to benefit the entire society. On the contrary, they benefit a section of the community. According to (Daluka 2001, p.20) it is right to exercise what is good for the largest population of stack. The st udy reveals that the greatest number of people in the work environs had the health and safety document. Companies in Greece seem to value policies that yield the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people. However, James Rachel, critic of the utilitarian rule, would have argued otherwise. In his criticisms, he points out that, everyone is equal and that everybodys ecstasy is important. The group of people who lack the document in this case can claim that businesses in Greece did violate business ethics. This office that utilitarianism is not the best framework to formulate rules and regulations which chance upon the entire society. Labor markets affect the whole economy in several ways .This means that if there is a fault in formulation of labor laws, the economy will experience problems arising from shortage of labor, a crucial factor in the production process (Rachel 2007, p56). Greece labor reforms further show how the government violates ethics. A salary cut without t he consent of employees is unethical, and violates ethics. However, according to utilitarianism, this might not be a big issue so long as it yields maximum benefits to the largest number of people. According to (Goodin 2007, p.245) utilitarianism as a principle should guide political leaders while making decisions that affect the society at large. He points out that leaders must take into account the impacts of the policies they pass on the entire society, other than focusing on a small group of people.Working Conditions in Sweden Working conditions in Sweden are one of the best on the planet. This is the case because the government has introduced set worker-safety and environmental regulations. Its manpower of 4.3 million is disciplined, instructed, and experienced in the most current technologies. About 87 percent of Swedish laborers have a place with a workers party, ostensibly the worlds most astounding rate. In addition, unions are active accomplices with organizations in ac tualizing more proficient projects. Swedish enactment accommodates work representation on the mesa of directors of large organizations and obliges administration to arrange with the unions prior to actualizing significant changes. Management-labor cooperation participation is customarily non-conferential, meaning labor strikes are rare in the country (Cox 1950, p.390). There is no fixed minimal wage, and all wages are determined through collective bargaining. Since 1991, the real wage increments have surpassed those of most EU nations. As the emu civil argument picks up force, workers parties are calling for buffer funds, like those made in Finland, as a cushion for benefits funds and other laborer benefits throughout the shift period to the euro, in cases where there are huge currency fluctuations (Hammarstrm 2013, p.142). Many business spectators, including those from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), have suggested some crucial labor market changes, including wage differ entiation (to reduce labor costs for unlettered jobs). These reforms are an incentive to raise individual competence, reduction of income taxes, making labor unions bears the costs of unemployment in the policy system, as well as liberalization of labor protection legislation. These measures are believed to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Labor representatives in Sweden complain that such measures would burden workers. On the major Swedens labor- related issue is superior levels of unemployment. Within a very short time in the early 1990s, the unemployment rate rose from a level which was considered the lowest in the industrialized world to the normal EU levels, where it stayed until the business cycle change in 1998-99. By 2000, the unemployment rates were less than 5%. However, the rate was 8.7 percent for those workers included in genteelness programs. Swedens government has a plan to reduce the unemployment rate to 4 percent and to guarantee that 80 percent of the working-age populace has a full-time work by 2015 (Drobnic 2012, p.205).Assessment of the issue and its ethical Implications A on the alert examination of Swedens labor laws and policies shows that the policy makers employ social justice. This is clearly depicted the way polices have been formulated. According to (Betham 2000, p.80) social justice theory asserts that people should exercise fairness in their when dealing with one another. Rawls theory of social justice postulates that the society consists of free and equal persons who must be handle equally in political and socio-economic affairs (Blocker 2000, p.30). Swedish government seems to take into account social justice principles before passing labor regulations. First, the government has come up with strict anti- inconsistency laws, contained in Swedish Antidiscrimination bit of 2009. One of the rules of social justice theory is protection against any form of discrimination. By passing the Act, Swedish legislature took into account the rights and freedoms of workers. Therefore, their rules and decisions are in line with the social justice framework. The Act aims at eliminating discrimination in all places of work. It applies to all employees, employers, and job applications irrespective of whether or not the discrimination is intentional. This means that people expect to be treated with dignity, regardless of their appearance or beliefs. If an employer in Sweden is found discriminating his/her workers, he or she is required to pay damages. Failure to this, he/she may end up in prison, and this acts as a lesson to all others who practice discrimination. On the other hand, Swedish government has made it mandatory for all workers to belong to a labor union (Blau and Khan 1999, p130). This is aimed at protecting the welfare of all workers in Sweden. This is another dimension of social justice. If a member of the union faces a problem, the union is supposed to take care of him/her. All members o f the unions are treated equally. This ensures that all of them have equal representation. Rawls theory disallows mismatched representation in political and social matter. Swedish Work Environment Authority is governed by the Work Environment Act, which requires employees, employers and equipment suppliers to share responsibility in maintaining safe working conditions. According to this Act, these parties should restrict workplace hazards and hamper accidents. This clearly shows that the policy makers take into shape the importance of social cooperation. Social justice principles require each person in the society to benefit others, and to prevent harm. This way, social justice is said to prevail in the society.Individual Moral Assessment of the Issue To better understand moral implications of the cases presented above, a careful outline using a different ethical framework is necessary. This section discusses how the issues presented above relate to the ethics of virtue fram ework. According to Martha Nussbaum arguments, a just society must be characterized by conditions that promote fundamental entitlements for all people. The entitlements include bodily health, normal life, bodily integrity, senses and imaginations, as well as practical reason, just to arouse a few. Failure to recognize these entitlements constitutes unethical behavior (Nussbaum 1993, p 89) . Greece law makers seem to deviate from this moral framework. Some of the policies do not take into account virtues of ethics. For example, cutting an employees wage without his/her consent is morally wrong. It hurts ones feeling and violates virtues of ethics such as kindness, prudence, integrity, and more importantly respect. Passing laws that lower peoples welfare is not consistent with the virtue ethics framework. On the other hand, Sweden takes into consideration virtues of ethics framework. The laws and polices discussed above clearly show how that policy makers in the country are very frequently concerned with peoples welfare. Being mindful of others welfare is a crucial virtue. It ensures respect in the society and promotes justice. Moreover, Swedish government promotes fairness in workers representation. Again, this is a clear mark of the governments commitment to promote virtues which promote peoples moral excellence and their well-being. termination From the analysis presented in this paper, it is clear that governments across the world employ different ethical frameworks when formulating their policies. The distinction between Greece and Sweden working condition reveals that different countries value different policies. However, the paper points out several unethical practices in Greece. On the other hand, Sweden government seems to follow ethics when drafting their laws and regulations. In addition to this, the paper reveals that people and companies ethical understanding across the world tend to be influenced by governments actions. This means that Sw edish citizens tend to practice ethics more than Greece citizens.References Alexopoulos, E. (2012), Sickness absence in the private sector of Greece Comparing shipyard industry and national insurance data, International journal of environmental research and public health , Journal of Social Affairs, Vol. 34, pp, 1171-1181.Betham, J.(2000), Principles of Morals and Legislation,Principles of Morals and Legislation. Newyork Botache Books, pp.78-85.Blau, F., and Khan, L. (1999), Institutions and laws in the labor market Handbook of labor economics, vol.3, pp.130-140.Blocker, G. and Elizabeth S. (2000), toilet Rawls theory of social justice, Sages Journals ,pp. 24-34.Cox, A.,(1950), Regulation of Collective Bargaining by the National Labor relations Board Harvard Law Review, pp.389-432.Daluka, F. (2001), Global morals and Business A Philosophical Approach, Global Ethics and Business A Philosophical Approach, Cambridge Cambridge University Press, pp. 17-20.Drobni, S.(2012), Good job, good life? Working conditions and quality of life in Europe, Social indicators research, pp.205.Gordin, S. (2007), Utilitarianism as a public philosophy, Cambridge Cambridge University Press.,Hammarstrm, A. (2013), Higher education and psychological distress A 27-year prospective cohort study in Sweden, Scandinavian journal of public health. Pp.140-145.Matsaganis, M..(2012), Social policy in hard times The case of Greece, Critical Social Policy, pp.406-421.Nussbaum, M. (1993), The quality of life, NewYork Oxford University Press.Rachel, J.(2007), Utilitarianism for and against, Havard Journal Of Business Affairs, pp. 56Source document

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Religious Terms for Judaism, Mormonism, and Catholicism Essay Example for Free

Religious Terms for Judaism, Mormonism, and universality EssayOnce a individual has truly, netherworldcerely repented (which is through with(p) by wondering theology for lenience) due to their feelings of remorse, they atomic number 18 taught to put the evil female genital organ them and not to dwell on it. Although it is also said that Brigham Young (1801- 1877), the second Mormon prophet,in the case of practiced infernos, it is the murder of the sinner and the literal mixing of his blood with the earth that results in forgiveness, which is also called blood atonement. (Quoted from a previous Mormon) Mormon go steadys on contritionBy being Mormons we ar assured of salvation We reckon that steady if we are wrong ab kayoed Mormonism, beau ideal ordain forgive us since we relyd in rescuer just like the the Nazareneians said we should. If we are right, and we know we are, then we will be together forever and a day with our families as gods. Why should we wan t to be anything former(a) than Mormons since we concord all our bases coered? Basically, although they apparently ask God for forgiveness due to their contrition that develops when they commit things they consider as a sin, Mormons dont worry over the fact that they could be wrong since salvation is already assured when converting to Mormonism. Nevertheless, they still do believe that you should feel contrition when you commit a sin and should seek self-condemnation/forgiveness from God. Mormon positions on penanceForgiveness is essential part of enjoying happiness in life salvation. The aspects of forgiveness are repentance, prayer and forgive all who hurt. The Mormon Church rejects the concept of penance believing it has nothing to do with the penitence turning away from sins. Mormon reckons on atonementThey believe that atonement of messiah Christ makes it possible for us to receive forgiveness, which comes from genuine atonement alleviating pain and guilt from past sins. I t also brings cherish and joy. Mormon (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) views on mourning The fourth concept I would like to stress is what the scriptures term pious trouble for our sins. It is not uncommon to find men and women in the world who feel remorse for the things they do wrong. Sometimes this is because their actions cause them or loved ones great tribulation and misery. Sometimes their sorrow is caused because they are caught and punished for their actions.Such worldly feelings do not constitute godly sorrow. Godly sorrow is vividly portrayed in two places in scripture. In the final geezerhood of the Nephite nation, Mormon said of his people their sorrowing was not unto repentance, because of the slap-upness of God provided it was rather the sorrowing of the damned, because the Lord would not always suffer them to take happiness in sin. Mormon (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) views on penitence Penitence is one of the first princi ples of the gospel and is essential to our laic and eternal happiness. It is much more than than just acknowledging wrongdoings. It is a remove of mind and heart that gives us a fresh view about God, about ourselves, and about the world. It includes turning away from sin and turning to God for forgiveness. It is motivated by love for God and the sincere desire to obey His commandments Mormon views on sinMormons believe that if we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us if we aver our sins, Jesus will forgive us of our sins all people sin Jesus Christ was the only if sinless soulfulness ever to have lived on the Earth through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, for each one person can repent and be forgiven of his sins. Mormon views on avengeMormons view of revenge is they should not seek revenge upon someone else even if they treated them badly. They view revenge as a sin. However, some Mormons believe that they should promote revenge.Catholic vi ews on remorseRemorse is a crossing of wishful-thinking and implies the wish to avoid sin repentance implies the determined will to avoid it. Remorse is conditional repentance is absolute. The remorseful would like to avoid sin if doing so did not entail so much effort and sacrifice, and if he had enough faith, hope and charity. Remorse is a keen sense of guilt over having done something wrong. It is self-reproach coupled with a certain degree of discouragement either to undo the wrong or, more rarely, of being forgiven.Catholic views on contrition(Father John A. Hardon, SJ)- detrition is the act or virtue of sorrow for ones sins. The virtue of contrition is a permanent disposition of soul. However, only an act of contrition is required for the settling of sin, whether with or without sacramental absolution. The act of contrition is a free decision involving a detestation of and regret for sins committed and also a determination not to sin again.. Concretely, it means the desi re to regain the foretell friendship, either lost or injured by sin. There essential also be a determination not to sin again. Four qualities permeate a genuine act of contrition and chance upon all three constituents of the act, the detestation, the grief, and the determination not to sin again.A valid contrition is interior(a), supernatural, universal, and sovereign. Contrition is internal when it is sincere and proceeds from the will, when it is not the result of a mere passing mood or activated experience. It is supernatural when inspired by actual coldcock and based on a motive judge on faith. It is universal when the sorrow extends to all mortal sins, and for valid sacramental absolution at that place moldiness be sorrow for whatever sins are confessed. It is finally sovereign if the sinner freely recognizes sin as the greatest of all evils and is willing to make amends accordingly.Catholic views on penanceSacrament (signs of grace by Christ) which forgiveness of sins committed after baptism granted by priest penance is the showing consecutive sorrow confessions. Confession or tribunal to penance is when a person admits wrong doings to priest. Catholics believe the sacrament of penance because Gods grace can heal a wounded soul. later on penance, priest gives penance to perform such as volunteer work, donations or say prayers.Catholic views on atonementIt is the reconciliation to God. It is forgiven sins through the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion. It is a moral change where in the purpose for Jesus was to influence mankind morally.Catholic views on sorrowThe pain or distress experienced because of some adversity that is felt personally. The sorrow may be over a sacking or misfortune for which a person feels guilty, as in the case of sin or the sorrow may be totally vicarious, out of compassion for someone else. Essential to the notion of sorrow is that it refers to what has already happened and its painful effects are still experienced.C atholic views on penitanceThe state of being sorry for having sinned. It is therefore a disposition of soul, arising from a realization of ones sinfulness and includes the willingness to expiate the wrongdoing. The repentant act is the invitation by the priest at Mass, after the opening salutation, to have the congregation acknowledge their sinfulness. This is followed by the Appeal for Mercy, the Kyrie, unless the pleas for forgiveness were already included in the penitential act. Normally each invocation is sung (or said) twice, but there may be further repetitions and also brief text insertions (tropes) if the circumstances warrant such additions. The penitential chain is a metal chain, with sharp points piercing the flesh, worn around the waist, arms, or legs by certain religious men and women as a means of penance or mortification.Catholic view of sinAugustine of Hippo (354-430) regarded sin as a word, deed or desire contrary to the eternal law. vileness is a deliberate tran sgression of a law of God, which identifies the four essentials of every sin. Sin is a transgression, since Catholicism holds that grace is resistible and the divine will can be disobeyed. And the transgression is deliverate, which means that a sin is committed whenever a person knows that something is contrary to the law of God and then freely does the action anyway. Catholic moral theology divides sin into two parts. Mortal (Deathly) sin is the most serious as it involves loss of sanctifying grace. A person who dies with unremitted mortal sin would be in d exasperation of eternal separation from God in Hell. Venial (Pardonable) sin does not directly destroy the consanguinity with God. Rather, it weakens that relationship. Unremitted venial sins can arrogate the duration spent in Purgatory. Therefore the church encourages confession of these types of sins as well. Examples of venial sins include selfishness, anger and jealousy. God is offended, so that the divine dimension is nev er absent from any sin.Catholic views on revengeCatholics believe that you shouldnt retaliate, seek revenge or to kill. You should love enemies, do good to those who hate, and bless those who persecute. revenge is the act or intention of inflicting injury on someone, on ones own authority, to repay an offense committed. It is a manifestationof unjustifiable anger and is one of the most common human failings that take on a variety of forms, from a momentary silence or frown to defamation of character or fleshly violence. As a form of sinful anger, it is an unruly desire for vengeance. The desire is immoderate if a person wants the undeserving to be punished, or the guilty to be punished excessively, or the punishment to be meted out in an unlawful manner or in order to vent ones own spite.Judaism views on remorseAccording to Gates of Repentance, a standard work of Jewish ethics written by Rabbi Rabbenu Yonah of Gerona, if someone commits a sin, a forbidden act, he can be forgiven f or that sin if he performs teshuva. The first graduation one must take in teshuva is to feel remorse for the sin you have committed. In other words, you have to acknowledge the sin and sincerely regret doing it. The remorseful would like to undo his sin, but he has not the requisite determination to remove the occasions of sin and surmount the obstacles to reform.Judaism views on contritionContrition admits neither ifs nor buts, and does not recognize the sacrosanctity of ruts. (Quoted from Rabbi David Rosen)- Above all, contrition and compassion are the indispensable coefficients of all rituals of forgiveness, whether they be expiatory sacrifices (Lev. 55-6 1621 Num. 56-7) or litanies for fasting (Joel 212-14 I Sam. 75-6). At the same time, inner contrition must be followed by outward acts remorse must be translated into deeds.Judaism views on penanceJudaism doesnt recognize penance as necessary in form of sin repentance. Rabbis dont prescribe penance, but spiritual discipline in presence if sin. Judaism views on atonement It is the appendage of a crime committed to be forgiven pardoned. Atonement is achieved by repentance, confession, service, and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), which is a pointedness of fasting or prayer. Atonement of Judaism is deflect the soul atone sins of past years. Judaism views on sorrowWe view these painful sufferings as part of our Redemptive process. It is regarding these troubles that the verse states, It is a time of tribulation for Jacob, from which he will be delivered-from the trouble itself will come the salvation. We are imbued with faith in the G-d of Israel, Who promised Abraham, To your descendants I have given this republic, from the Egyptian river up to the great river, the Perat River. We have eternal trust in the G-d of Israel, Who promised Jacob, The Land on which you lie I will give to you and to your descendants. The Word of the G-d of Israel will Together with the sorrow we feel over the tearing asunder of Eretz Yisrael, we also feel joy in our hearts on the continuing process of the Ingathering of the Exiles, over the building up of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem.The people continue to stream back to their Land, and the Land returns to its children. The Torah returns to Eretz Yisrael, and the people return to their origins, their foundations. The People that was scattered and separated among the nations, is now becoming re-united at home, in Eretz Yisrael. True, this connectedness of the various parts of the nation is somewhat painful at times, as in a life-saving operation, but this pain is an integral part of the regrouping the dry bones into one body.Judaism views on penitenceThe conventional view of penitence sees it as an effort to redress a particular transgression in the area of mans relationship with God or to his fellow man. For Rabbi Kook, penitence is the surge of the soul for perfection, to rise above the limitations imposed by the finitude of existence. It is a reach for reunion with God from whom all creation has been separated by the line of descent to a particular incarnation of earthly existence. Penitence, in other words, is only one aspect of the shimmer of human life on its eternal return to the Divine, from whom it has descended.Judaism views on sinJews believe that there are three kinds of sin. There are three kinds of sin in Judaism sins against God, sins against another person, and sins against you. According to Jewish beliefs, a person sins when he or she sins they simply missed the mark.Judaism views on revengeJews consider revenge differently from Christians. They view on forgiveness vs. justice. If a crime has been committed, it is just to punish the criminal for the greater good and safety of the community. Also, forgiveness should not be granted for serious injury unless the offender has repented and asked forgiveness from his/her victim, and even then some crimes such as murder are deemed by the Torah unforgivable due to th e sealed nature of the act

Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Essay Example for Free

Bill gate And Steve Jobs demonstrateMany people look at Steve Jobs and Bill supply as two rivals. A c ar of opinions can be expressed regarding these two geniuses. The two are celebrities at their suffer right. Their similarities and differences are accentuate probably because their contributions to the society are both important but are different relative to the other. quite a little were divided as fan of PC and as a fan of Mac. Many people deliberate that one is better than the other. One type of computer-user says that one is better depending on how you use your computer. For example, highrs engender it difficult to use the Mac while other computer-users find the PC more troublesome than Mac.Although Gates is not Microsoft, as Jobs is not Apple, people commonly think of Gates when we talk of Microsoft, and of Microsoft when we talk about Gates. The corresponding is true for Jobs and his Apple. But how do Gates and Jobs differ from each other? Both were not adequa te to get a college diploma. Despite of that, they were able to become successful and are now household names. They created their own companies which are big companies now, and that goes to show that the two has excellent leadership and managerial skills. Perhaps, their difference lies on their disposition and on how they puzzle their companies to suit the demand of the people.Jobs went to Reed College while Gates went to Harvard. Both Jobs and Gates were college drop-outs. after dropping out from college, Jobs got a job as a technician in a television system game manufacturer, Atari. Jobs was given a break when Atari gave him the task to create a circuit board for a video game and he was able to fulfill this task with his friend Wozniak. He got a nice put up with this work. Gates first experience with computers was when he and his friends hack Computer Center Corporation (CCC) to get redundant time with the computers. They were caught and were banned by the CCC but, later, CC C hired them to find bugs for their system.Although their job was only to find bugs on the whole over the system, they use their spare time to study about the machines. Jobs did Apple while Gates created Microsoft. The Apple was the first computer to have a graphical user interface and an on-board ROM. Microsoft, as we all know, is very popular software. Both, now, are very wealthy since the day they established their companies. Jobs has CEO position of his bon ton which is a large innovator when it comes to computers, operating systems and softwares. During the beginnings of the apple, Jobs was only a shareholder.Although he was seated as the chairman, the finality of the company was not solely his. He has once left the company to focus not on hardwares but on softwares so he built NextStep. He wanted to have a root to some computer problems at that time. He wanted to satisfy the needs of education with computers and has once visualize his new sets of computers to be the comput ers of college students. He failed on this in a way that the consumers did not want to run for the latest technology at that time and the NeXTstep computers were really expensive.But the software really helped out programmers so he got good reviews. He, then, formed partnerships with different companies. Apple, then, was getting weaker when Jobs left it. Jobs later returned to Apple some reconsideration. Gates, meanwhile, is a major shareholder of Microsoft. He had never left Microsoft in any way. He was focused on making it big on the market and he was very successful in that. Jobs was focused on innovating. He wanted solutions to problems. He is thinking of the needs of the people when he does his creations. This is his biggest difference with Gates.Gates and Microsoft are interested on marketing. Microsoft is concern on, at least, getting at par with their competitors. If a competitor has make something brilliant, Microsoft would find its way to have a better version of that som ething brilliant. Gates was often criticized as cosmos more of a businessman than a computer genius. Jobs has once said that it is hurting the computer assiduity that Microsoft is killing its competitors because that also kills innovation. In fairness to Gates, he gives a lot to those who are needy. He gave millions to institutions in which he believed in.They call Gates a philanthropist for all of his donations to charity. This is one thing admirable to Gates. He has not forgotten about other people. He was sensitive. He gives back what he receives. As a leader, they are both very efficient to create such big companies. They were both able to drive these two companies to success in spite of the many competitions that are coming. They were very good in analyzing the needs of the company and the market. These two individuals show that success comes from determination, right timing, and the drive to attain it. We now have MacBooks with Microsoft in it.In their TV interview, Jobs sai d that the competition is over between them and that it is time to think of innovations for the future. We should be grateful to these two individuals, who have changed things since their time. We may find them as competitors, but that would be fine for competitions are good for you(p) and it has really made them strive harder to be on top. The competition between the two, if there is, has benefited us. We can see more from these companies in the near future. Hopefully, they would come up for more things that will make everything more cheery and a solution to security problems.Work CitedApple Inc. 2008. Steve Jobs. Retrieved from http//www. apple. com/pr/bios/jobs. html. Brightman, Jason. 2007. After Bill Gates, Five manageable Futures for Microsoft. Retrieved from http//www. pcworld. com/businesscenter/article/147518/after_bill_gates_five_possible_futures_for_microsoft. html. Cobweb Publishing Inc. 2008. The NeXT Years Steve Jobs Before His Triumphant Return To Apple. Retrieved from http//lowendmac. com/orchard/06/steve-jobs-next-years. html. Mirick, John. 1996. William H. Gates III Before Microsoft. Retrieved from http//ei. cs. vt. edu/history/Gates. Mirick. htmlmicrosoft.

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What Was a Day in the Life of a Prisoner Like Essay Example for Free

What Was a Day in the Life of a Pris whizr handle EssayThe Holocaust, the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators, depicts a serial of sad events. One may ask how was each pris wizardr treated upon arrival? The horrors that come to foreland are endless, and the pain each pris one and only(a)r must have gone through is undeniably brutal. Men, women and children of ages that change were interpreted a agency from their homes, stripped of their be abundantings and separated from their loved ones. each(prenominal) prisoner was identified, not by their birth names, entirely by serial figure of speechs tattooed onto their bole.Each prisoners head was shaved. Each prisoner was given over clothes off of corpses. Each prisoner went through the unspeakable. Night, a memoir by Elie Wiesel, contributes a great deal to the horrifying event in history. Elie Wiesel, a fifteen year any (prenominal)time(a) boy at the time, endured first hand the tragedies that many early(a)wise(a) Jews, along with Gypsies, the disabled, Poles, Russians, communists, socialists, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals and others faced. In the afternoon, they do us line up. Three prisoners brought a table and some medical instruments.We were told to roll up our go forth sleeves and file past the table. The three veteran prisoners, needles in hand, tattooed itemizes on our go forth arms. I became A-7713. From hence(prenominal) on, I had no other name. (Wiesel 42) During the Holocaust, preoccupation camp prisoners received tattoos scarce at one location, the Auschwitz density camp complex. Tattooing was introduced at Auschwitz in the autumn of 1941. As thousands of Soviet prisoners of war (POWs) arrived at the camp, and thousands rapidly died there, the SS governing began to tattoo the prisoners for identification purposes.At Auschwitz II (Birkenau), the SS staff introduced the pra ctice of tattooing in March 1942 to keep up with the identification of large numbers of prisoners who arrived sickened, and died quickly. The numbering scheme was divided into regular, AU, Z, EH, A, and B series. The regular series consisted of a consecutive numerical series that was used, in the early phase of the Auschwitz concentration camp, to line Poles, Jews, and most other prisoners (all male). For many, the blurred blue lines of a serial number on a forearm are an unerasable image of the Holocaust.The tattoos of the survivors have come to symbolize the utter brutality and of the concentration camps and the attempt of the Nazis to dehumanize their victims. further those prisoners selected for work were issued serial numbers those prisoners move directly to the gas chambers were not registered and received no tattoos. Initially, the SS authorities marked prisoners who were in the infirmary or who were to be executed with their camp serial number across the chest with indeli ble ink. As prisoners were executed or died in other ways, their habiliment appearance the camp serial number was removed.Given the mortality rate at the camp and practice of removing clothing, there was no way to identify the bodies after the clothing was removed. Hence, the SS authorities introduced the practice of tattooing in differentiate to identify the bodies of registered prisoners who had died. Originally, a special metal stamp, holding interchangeable numbers made up of needles approximately one centimeter long was used. This allowed the whole serial number to be punched at one blow onto the prisoners left upper chest. Ink was because rubbed into the bleeding wound.When the metal stamp method proved impractical, a single-needle whatchamacallit was introduced, which pierced the outlines of the serial-number digits onto the skin. The site of the tattoo was changed to the outer side of the left forearm. However, prisoners from several transports in 1943 had their numbers tattooed on the inner side of their left upper forearms. Tattooing was generally performed during registration when each prisoner was assigned a camp serial number. (Rosenthal) The tattoos given to each prisoner, not only inflicted pain, it took away their true identity.Instead of cosmos treated like human beings, they were treated like objects, each with their own serial numbers. My family was interpreted away, my clothings were taken away, my bundles were taken away, but I had one more precious thing taken away. We all take it for granted, our names. Our beautiful names. Nessa Yalperi. I became prisoner 54,015 in the concentration camp of Stutthof. (Female survivor A) along with the tattoos, antithetic color stars on their jackets identified them. Each star made them stand out amongst the other prisoners (see figure 1).Prisoners were equired to wear color-coded triangles on their jackets so that the guards and officers of the camps could easily identify each persons background and pit the different groups against each other. Political prisoners, such as Communists, Socialists, and trade unionists wore red triangles. Common criminals wore green. Roma (Gypsies) and others the Germans considered asocial or shiftless wore black triangles. Jehovahs Witnesses wore purple and homosexuals pink. Letters indicated nationality for example, P stood for Polish, SU for Soviet Union, and F for French. (Kahan)Not only were they tattooed, but they were shaved as well. The hair of the Jewish girls and ladies was shaved when they entered the camp. They were taken to the camp barber where all of their body hair, head to toe, was removed. The shaved parts were then rubbed by disinfectant. We were waiting for our numbers to be tattooed, and we stood in line. And of feast I was f reformened and I called for my mother, and I heard her voice in back of me, and by then her hair had been shaved, now all of her hair has been shaved, and I turned around and I looked for her and I co uldnt recognize her because she was without hair. Female survivor B) Their heads were shaved so that the Nazis would know if the Jews belonged in the camps.We no longer looked human, with our raddled bodies, sunken faces and shaved heads (Safran). The shaving of heads down to bare skin presented me with a problem since I had long hair in which was hidden He said himself that it would be a pity to do so because my hair was so pretty. As I found out later, they shaved heads not so a great deal to prevent infestation as to collect the hair and use it in brush production. I was given a strip of dirty cloth with which to hide my hair.The shaving of womens heads disfigured them terribly. (Lutostanska) The Nazis wanted the Jewish females to happen helpless and in a lower position, and they achieved this by buzzing off all of their hair. Not only were the prisoners in the Holocaust shaved and tattooed, they were beaten, and their possessions, such as their clothes, were taken away. As so on as we arrived in Shutoff, our little bundles were taken away from us. They told us put it away, youll come back and take it later. My group of women was taken into a very large room where we were told to strip completely naked.It was a very traumatizing experience for a child of 16 (Female survivor A). Uh, we stood in line there uh, a, a Jewish prisoner, he was I think from Germany who was there for a long time held a, a speech to usthere were a couple SS stand next to himthat anyone who has got any valuables, gold, silver, any kind of jewelry, this is the time to bring it out and give it up right now. He said uh, yesterday seventeen people have lost their lives from not handing in their valuables. If youve got it in your shoes or wherever you had it hidden uh, this is the time, youre last chance to give it up.A number of people stepped forward, gave up. Most of us didnt have anything. And uh, that started the life of Auschwitz. (Kahan) Each prisoner was forced to give up the b elongings they had on them, and the clothes on their backs. They were humiliated and dehumanized, forced to strip in front of one another. We were given clothes that were probably recycled, taken off of a corpse and just given to us. And then we were expected to die too, so then they would take the clothes and give it to someone else. In other words, the clothes were much more valuable than human beings (Female survivor B).The beloved objects that we had carried with us from get to place were now left behind in the wagon (Wiesel 29). Around five oclock in the morning, we were expelled from the barrack. The Kapos were beating us again, but I no longer felt the pain. We were naked, holding our shoes and belts. An order Run As we ran, they threw the clothes at us pants, jackets, shirts (Wiesel 36). The Nazis, standing around us, beating upon us, chasing us from one end of the room to the other (Female survivor A).Along with all of this, they were separated from their loved ones ( see figure 3). following thing, one man, the point of the thumb to the right, to the left. My brother was sent to the mens camp, my mom, who was at that time 46, she was sent to the left. I found myself at the age of 16 all alone (Female survivor B). Families were beaten and killed in the concentration camps. Prisoners in the concentration camps were treated with much disrespect. As Jewish families were sent to Nazi concentration camps and separated, the survival of small children was nearly non-existent.Most were sent straight to gas chambers or offer in front of ditches dug for mass graves. Older children survived by being forced into hard labor, and some children were selected for medical experiments, especially twins. Along with children, older men and women were mistreated. Women were raped and beaten by Nazis in the camps, and men were forced to work. The Holocaust, an event that displayed mass murder and mistreated prisoners, is remembered by horrifying stories of those who survived these tragic events.The German Nazis wanted to control, destroy and deliberately hurt Jews, along with Gypsies, homosexuals and the disabled. Also, Poles, Russians, communists, socialists, Jehovah Witnesses and others were victims of the Holocaust. In politics theres absolutely nothing new. Again, out of impatience I feel myself beginning to fall into melancholic There is really no way out of this for us (Sierakowiak). The lives of many people were destroyed because of the horrors they faced. The way they were treated was inhumane, and their individual experiences should never be forgotten.

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Clearwater Technologies Essay Example for Free

Clearwater Technologies EssayClearwater set a per-seat manufacturers suggested retail legal injury (MSRP) that decreased with higher step seat purchases, reflecting the client perception of declining manufacturing cost per seat. Clearwater also cut this as advantageous because it encouraged nodes to increase their initial seat purchase. Clearwater typically sold its harvest-tides through value- annexed resellers (vars). A VAR was typically a wasted local firm that provided sales and support to end users.The value added by these resellers was that they provided a complete issue to the end user/client from a single point of purchase and had multiple information engine room products available from unhomogeneous vendors. Using VARs reduced Clearwaters sales and service expense signifi foottly and increased its commercialize coverage. These intermediaries operated in several steps. First, the VAR combined the QTX from Clearwater with database softw ar from other suppliers to form a turnkey customer solution.Second, the VAR loaded the software with customer-specific information and linked it to the customers existing sales history databases. Finally, the VAR installed the product at the customers site and trained the customer on its use. Clearwater sold the QTX to resellers at a 50 percentage discount from the MSRP, allowing the VARs to sell to the end user at or below the MSRP. The discount allowed the VARs room to accomplish with the customer and still achieve a profit. The Upgrade Initially, the expectation had been that the 30-seat unit would be the largest volume seller.In order to gain economies of scale in manufacturing, reduce inventory configurations, and reduce engineering design and testing expense to a single assembly, Clearwater decided to manufacture only the 30-seat server with the appropriate number of place enabled for the buyer. Clearwater was effectively giving away extra memory and absorbing the higher cost rather than manufac turing the various sizes. If a customer privationed a 10-seat server, the company shipped a 30-seat capable unit, with only the requested 10 seats enabled through software configuration.The proposed gain ground was, in reality, allowing customers to access capability already built into the product. Clearwater knew that more original customers were ready to use the additional capacity in the QTX. Some customers had added seats by acquire a second box, tho because the original product contained the capability to expand by accessing the disabled seats, Clearwater saw an opportunity to expand the product line and increase sales to a captive customer base. Customers could doubled or triple their seat capacity by purchasing either a 10- or a 20-seat upgrade and getting an access code to enable the additional number of seats.No other foe offered the possibility of an upgrade. To gain additional seats from the competitor, the customer purchased and installed an additional box. Becau se customers performed a significant amount of sufferance testing, which they would declare to repeat before switching brands, the likelihood of changing brands to add capacity was low. The objective of this mornings show fling off was to set the monetary value for the two upgrades. As QTX product manager Rob Erickson stopped to collect his entirely about recent notes from his desk, he reflected What a way to start the week.Every time we hasten one of these meetings, higher-ranking management only looks at margins. I spent the whole weekend cranking numbers and Im going in in that respect using the highest margin weve got today. How can anybody say thats too low? He grabbed his notes, calculator, and coffee and headed down the hall. From the other wing of the building, financial analyst Hillary Hanson was crossing the lobby towards the conference room. She was pay heeding about the parley she had late Number MSRP to VAR building block Unit of Seats End User expense li ve* Margin** 10 $8,000 $4,000 $500 87. 5% 20 $14,000 $7,000 $700 90. 0% 30 $17,250 $8,625 $900 89. % put off 1 *Unit cost reflects additional $200 for memory capability for individually additional 10 seats. **Margin _ VAR Price _ Unit Cost VAR Price Number Original Original genuine Actual of Seats Unit Cost Unit Margin Unit Cost Unit Margin 10 $500 87. 5% $900 77. 5% 20 $700 90. 0% $900 87. 1% 30 $900 89. 6% $900 89. 6% TABLE 2 Friday afternoon with her boss, Alicia Fisher, Clearwaters CFO. They had been discussing this upcoming meeting and Alicia had given Hillary very clear instructions. I want you to go in and argue for the highest cost possible. We should absolutely maximize the profitability on the upgrade.The customers are already attached to us and they set about no alternative for an upgrade but with us. The switching costs to change at this point are too high since theyve already been trained in our system and software. Lets go for it. Besides, we in reality need to show some(prenominal) serious revenue generation for the year-end report to the stockholders. Hillary had not actually finalized a number. She figured she could see what the others proposed and then argue for a significant premium over that. She had the CFOs trade so she could keep pushing for more. From the parking lot, Brian James, the district sales manager, headed for the rear entrance.He, too, was thinking about the upcoming meeting and anticipating a long morning. I wish marketing would realize that when they come up with some grandiose number for a new product, sales takes the hit in the field. Its a killer to confuse to explain to customers that they have to ante up big bucks for something thats essentially built in. Its gonna be even tougher to justify on this upgrade. At least with the QTX, we have something the buyer can see. Its hardware. With the upgrade, there isnt even a physical product. Were just giving customers a code to access the capability thats already bu ilt into the machine.Telling customers that they have to pay several thousand dollars never makes you popular. If you think about it, thats a lot of money for an access code, but you wont hear me say that out loud. Maybe I can get them to agree to something comely this time. I spent the weekend working this one out, and I think my logic is pretty solid. Price Proposals Once everyone was settled in the conference room, Rob spoke first I know we have to come up with prices for both the 10-seat and 20-seat upgrades, but to keep things manageable, lets discuss the 20-seat price first.Once that number is set, the 10-seat price should be simple. Because the margin on the 30-seat unit is the highest in the line, I think we should use that as the can to the price for the upgrade. He went to a whiteboard to show an example If a customer is upgrading from a 10-seat unit to a 30-seat unit, they are adding two steps of capacity costing $200 each to us, or $400. $400 /1-0. 90 _ $4,000 to the r eseller, and $8,000 to the end user. We keep the margin structure in place at the highest point in the line. The customer gets additional capacity, and we keep our margins consonant.He sat down feeling pleased. He had fired the first shot, had been consistent with the existing margin structure, and had rounded up the highest margin point in the line. Brian looked at Robs calculations and commented I think thats going to be hard for the customer to see without us giving away information about our margins, and we dont want to do that, since they are pretty aggressive to begin with. However, I think I have solved this one for us. Ive finally come up with a simple, fair solution to set the upgrade that works for us and the customers. He walked over to a whiteboard and grabbed a markerIf we assume an existing 10-seat customer has decided to upgrade to 30-seat capability, we should charge that customer the difference between what the buyer has already paid and the price of the new capac ity. So . . . New 30-seat unit $17,250 Original 10-seat unit $8,000 Price for 20-seat upgrade $9,250 Its consistent with our true pricing for the QTX. Its fair to the customer. Its smooth for the customer to understand and it still makes wads of money for us. It also is easy for the customer to see that were being good to them. If they bought a 20-seat box in addition to the 10-seat box they already have, it would be costing them more.He wrote New 20-seat unit $14,000 A new unit provides customers with redundancy by having two boxes, which they might want in the event of product failure, but the cost is pretty stiff. Upgrading becomes the discursive and affordable option. Hillary looked at the numbers and knew just what she was going to do. That all looks very logical, but I dont see that either of you has the companys best interests at heart. Brian, you just want a simple sale that your sales plenty and the customers result buy into, and Rob, you are charging even less than Br ian. We need to consider the revenue issue as well.These people have already bought from us are trained on our hardware and software and dont want to have to repeat the process with someone else. It would take too long. Theyve got no desire to make a change and that means weve got them. The sky is really the limit on how much we can charge them because they have no real alternative. We should take this opportunity to really go for the gold, say $15,000 or even $20,000. We can and should be as aggressive as possible. All deuce-ace continued to argue the relative merits of their pricing positions, without notable success.Jefferies listened to each of them and after they finished, he turned to a clean whiteboard and took the marker. Ive done some more thinking on this. In order to meet the needs of all three departments, there are three very important points that the price structure for these upgrades must accomplish 1. The pricing for the upgrades shouldnt undercut the existing prici ng for the 30-seat QTX. 2. We want to motivate our buyers to purchase the maximum number of seats at the initial purchase. A dollar now is better than a potential dollar later. We never know for sure that they will make that second purchase.If we dont do this right, were going to encourage customers to reduce their initial purchase. Theyll figure they can add capacity whenever, so why buy it if they dont need it. That would kill upfront sales of the QTX. 3. We dont want to get out any revenue on the table when buyers decide to buy more capacity. They are already perpetrate to us and our technology and we should capitalize on that, without totally ripping them off. Therefore, while Hillary says the skys the limit, I think there is a limit and we need to determine what it is and how close we can come to it.If we assume that those are the objectives, no(prenominal) of the prices youve put together thus far answers all three of those criteria. Some come close, but each one fails. See if you can put your heads together and come to a consensus price that satisfies all three objectives. OK? Heads nodded and with that, Jefferies left the conference room. The three remaining occupants looked at one another. Brian got up to wipe the previous numbers off the whiteboards and said OK, one more time. If our numbers dont work, why not and what is the right price for the 20-seat upgrade?

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Steam Coal Crushing Plant Essay Example for Free

steamer char Crushing form EssayYIFAN machinery scorch withering plant with scorch withering and mill machine is for blacken oppress serviceing line. combust Crushing embed Provide Coal CrusherCoal MillCoal Coal processing plant with char crushing and coal milling machine is for coal productione line. coal crusher machine,coal crushing plant,,coal crushers design Coal Crusher coal crusher design and overview. Coal crusher is the main crushing machine used in coal crushing plant. Coal crushing plant consist of some(prenominal) types of How to build a coal crushing plant, coal crushing equipmentCoal crushing equipment introduction. Coal crushing plant consist of many types of crushers and grinding mills. In order toimpact cone crushers manufacturers in shanghai mainland China use coal to a greater extent rationally, efficiently and bustling Coal Crusher,Portable Coal Crushers, mobile coal crushing Mobile Coal Crusher. Mobile Jaw Coal Crusher. Mobile Jaw Coal Cr usher plant puts crushing and screening process on wheels. By combining feeding, crushing and coal crushing plant Indonesia,coal crusher machine for saleTo use coal more rationally, helpfully ., the coal must be processefeatures and advantages of cone crusher in crushing processd and crushed into varied sizes, 0 25 mm particle size for coal gas stove, 25 8 mm for steam Coal crushing equipment for coal preparation plant and washery RELATED PRODUCTS. Coal crusher machine Coal mill Coal conveyor HOW COAL WAS FORMED. Coal is a combustible black or brownish-black sedimentary rock Coal Crusher,Coal Crushing Plant Design by Caiman Coal is a real important sourfeatures and advantages of cone crusher in crushing processce of energy, mainly for combustion, coking, gasification, low temperature distillation, hydrogenation liquefaction. go office staff Plants 2fishygirl on Scribd Scribd naught Conversion Engineering. Steam Power Plants General layout of steam power plant Schematic d iagram of coal based steam power plant To chimney Coal Coal Handling Plant coal crushing machine We argon a well-known mining machinery company.Production of Coal handling plant are sold around the world, like India, South Africa and other regions. Coal preparation plant for coal mineral dressing process YIFAN machinery Crusher Coal preparation plant with equipment is used for coal beneficiation, cleaning including handling, Crushing, viewing, Gravity separation process. coal crusher machine,coal crushing process machine,coal The stone coal crusher machine from YIFAN machinery has broad market both at internal and abroad. In coal crushing process, coal crusher equipment is the main machine to crush coal. Grinding Mill,rock-and-roll Crusher Machine,Crushing plant YIFAN machinery Stone Crusher Machine.YIFAN machinery is professional Stone Crusher Machine,crushing plant,Grinding Mill and other crushing machine grinding machine manufacturer.If Fossil-fuel power site Wikipedia , the free encyclopedia A fossil-fuel power space is a type of power station that destroy fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas or petroleum (oil) to produce electricity. Central station Steam Coal Price,Buy Quality Steam Coal Price from Steam Coal Price, Source Steam Coal Price Products at Coal, Charcoal from Manufacturers and Suppliers around the World Who Offer High Quality Steam Coal Mobile Jaw Crusher http//www.yifancrusher.com/Mobile-Jaw-Crusher.html Hydraulic drive crawler crushing screening station http//www.yifancrusher.com/Hydraulic-drive-crawler-crushing-screening-station.html ass-kisser hydraulic cone mobile crushing plant station http//www.yifancrusher.com/Crawler-hydraulic-cone-mobile-crushing-plant-station.html Vertical impact mobile crushing plant station http//www.yifancrusher.com/Vertical-impact-mobile-crushing-plant-station.htmlMobile cone crusher station http//www.yifancrusher.com/Mobile-cone-crusher-station.htmlthermal power plant process lead diagram Coa l processing Find the Right and the Top thermal power plant process flow diagram for your coal handling plant YIFAN machinery, a mining machines manufacturer in china focus on your local Section 3.1 Pulverized Coal-Fired Subcritical Plant 400 MWeMarket-Based Advanced Coal Power Systems 3.1-1 December 1998 3. PULVERIZED COAL The market-based pulverized coal power plant design is based on the 600mw ultra super critical power plant proposal, coal fired, steam Big Power Plant Projects GE Gas Turbine Power Plant Project 3x42mw gas turbine plant proposal 15MW Heat recovery plant GE 6B Gas Turbine Plant FOSSIL (Also see Coal Power Plant frivol away animation) Keith E. Characteristic Carbon Hydrogen Sulfur Ignition Temperature 407C (765F) 582C (1080F) Highest of the three 243C (470F) terminal of the three Heating Glossary U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)Energy Information Administration EIA formal Energy Statistics from the U.S. Government mobile impact crusher station http//www.yifancrusher.com/mobile-impact-crusher-station.html Mobile teeth roll crusher http//www.yifancrusher.com/Mobile-teeth-roll-crusher.html Mobile Screening Station http//www.yifancrusher.com/Mobile-Screening-Station.html

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All quite on Western front-Enrich Maria Remarque Essay Example for Free

All quite on western sandwich front-Enrich Maria Remarque EssayRemarque, being a veteran German of the World War 1, could depict the somatogenic and psychological duress, the government soldiers had to tolerate. He narrates the mental tug of fight the soldiers had to bear on being isolated from civic life comprising of family and friends. This mental war was allying with the field fight. Remarque in his book does not articulate heroism, hardly he gives a vivid description of the mental agitation the soldier goes through . having once sailed in the same ship, Remarque could feel the monotony and constant fight for life. This story relates to the kind of trauma and loneliness, the foot soldiers went through. The war had snatched their peace of mind there by causing a situation of alert all the fleck around them. There was an air of sputter flowing throughout, struggle for piece, struggle for victory, struggle for food and struggle for existence. Remarque remarks, the life of soldiers are always at a jolt and yet they appear old and unawares being thoroughly, emotionally drained. The soldiers are here merely escaping from their own self. At this jovial age, the world of kip down that they had once created is ferociously bust to pieces by their own hands.The indite depicts a poignant description by narrating the awe and feeling of being abandoned makes the mental state of the foot soldiers all the more morose. The champ of the story, Paul Baumer who was moved by his mentor, joined the German army and entangled himself into an unsigned bond of serve the country at the price of leaving behind the personal life which had just started hand overing the colour of youth brimming with high spirits. He had also left behind his ailing mother. But straight off avenues of repentance are lost. Many others like Paul had been a false prey to the futile war.This jovial anecdote throws light on the life in the trenches of the German camp. The outcome of the war brought nothing besides destruction, death and needless waste of mankind. The youth directly, though bravely, encountered brutality, soiled dead bodies and evident death which world power be their awaiting future. The story highlights the psychological insight resulting out of the pathetic incidences in the trenches. though being component part of the war, the protagonist and his co-mates realized the futility of the war which had brought with it a needless waste of human life in random variable of mass death.The trenches had a miserable and pitiable sight. The priceless human life turned valueless. Even a stone heart would surely melt at such a terrible death game. The precise sight traumatizes people, alone the soldiers were facing them boldly. Though trained to be tough, the soldiers break down at the expiration and sufferings of the fellow beings. The cooks of the army cooks for hundred soldiers but ends up in serving eighty of them. They often show their frustration by declaring not to serve unless all hundred are present.But they realize the point that this figure would always be a diminishing trend and complains fatality to none other than fate. The author depicts the character of Tjadesa as a carefree, apathetic person grinning over the cooks reaction. Though it seemed that there were no trace of repercussions on Tjadesa, but it was his unnatural behavior which depicted his concern and fear. He showed joyous expressions despite the losing his comates for ever, this were out of gratitude of still being alive. Though tjedass behavior seemed weird, but his distinct way of accepting the inevitable losses.The ideas ejaculating out of the soldiers mind were often weird, like they felt the war should necessitate been fought by the leaders within a ring rather than such merciless slaughtering and cruel crosscurrent shed. The futility of war has given rise to restraint traits of human like selfishness, jealousy, envy, violence and being opportunist. Eventually the brutal results of the war some how dries up the sense of morality, dignity, empathy and many such emotions in the soldiers and life becomes like an sterilized land coming backing nothing grow more unfertile for days to come.Similarly wars too yield nothing but destruction, emptiness and ruined humanity. The war may end in victory but the society is held back by the rudderless youth detached from social and moral life and lives with frustrations of shattered dreams. The rumbustious youth turns into old folk. The author relates the feelings of Paulas, Youth We are none of us more than twenty years old. But young? Youth? That is long ago. We are old folk. BIBLIOGRAPHY Erich Maria Remarque, All legato on the Western Front. Wikipedia- All Quiet on the Western Front. www. docshare. com.